07 July 2010

Passing Through Paso

For those making a trip along historic Highway 1, Paso Robles is worth a pass through. Located almost equidistant from the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Bakersfield (and just 20 miles east of the coast), Paso Robles is an ideal long weekend destination for California residents and visitors.

Yuppies from L.A.; hikers from the East Bay; computer geeks from Silicon Valley; blue collar Bakersfield residents; and of course a bit of redneck from the surrounding smaller towns, Paso is a crossroads for the eclectic.
Even the locals – farmers, winemakers, and migrant workers among other populations – add to the unlikely mix. But regardless of population and visitor diversity, they all come for one thing – WINE!

One of the lesser known wine regions nationwide (but touted and revered by locals), wining and dining is what folks come here for. Zinfandels and Rhone varietals are must tries, as well as Sauvignon Blanc (some of the best I've tasted in California!). You'll pay reasonable prices for outstanding wines, and with over 100 wineries to choose from you are bound to find something that titillates your palate.

While I like to give credit where credit is due (Napa's Cabs are hard to beat), Paso Robles kicks the pants off of Napa's culinary options.
Unlike Napa's options which include break-the-budget high ends, less-than-spectacular low ends, and Rutherford Grill (yep, that about sums it up), Paso's restaurants and bars frame the main square and offer quality cuisine that anyone could afford. Like the diversity of Paso's residents and visitors, happy hour honky tonks and bistro-gourmets neighbor high-end french restaurants and "exclusive" uppity clubs. For every palate (and every budget) there is a little something for everyone in Paso.

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