31 July 2010

Craigslist Crack-Ups: Part 2

And here are some more favorites. The treasures just keep on coming:

Do you need a suit  I have a decent Olive green suit. Comes with a green shirt and tie.
  • Calling all incredible hulk look alikes...this offer won't last long!

Wedding/Party supplies, includ. fresh unopened 1/2-&-1/2 Left over from a wedding, we will happily give away about $50 worth of party supplies:
- 3 pints HALF 'N' HALF for coffee, unopenened; never taken even out of the fridge!, dated Aug. 3 so it's still just fine!
- 1 large roll of white paper STREAMERS, still rolled up (unused)
- approx. 35 "deluxe" plastic WINE GLASSES (need washing)
- approx. 35 "deluxe" plastic FORKS that look like silverware (need washing)
- 5-10 each "deluxe" plastic SPOONS & KNIVES that look like silverware (need washing)
- 1 pkg. of 8 disposable ASHTRAYS
-2 antique-look aluminum VASES, about 14" tall
  •  Looks like they pulled out all the stops for this celebration. Truly, a wedding is not complete without disposable ashtrays.

veggie oil I've got two 5 gallon jugs of used oil to give away. I haven't been driving my car as much as normal due to injury. This is good quality oil for making biodiesel or filtering for straight vegetable oil cars. First to respond gets it.
  •  Again, only in the Bay Area...

Mannequin Legs great for an artist or someone who likes legs!
Free Mannequin Legs! Pair of mannequin legs from a vintage mannequin. My mannequin Lola is pretty, tall and vintage. She's a part of my life now so I can't part with her head/torso, however, her legs are taking up a lot of room in my small apartment. The legs are connected at the pelvis by a bar, but can be used as two separate legs as well. Lola stood around 6' tall as a full mannequin, so the legs are full size. The feet are cute, they remind me of gelfling feet from The Dark Crystal. There's a gap between the big toe and the rest of the toes to allow for sandal or thong display.
  • Thanks god they included a close up pic of the toes. That could make or break the deal.


  1. How about a Craigslist ad for an 'available for a good time' underage teen, in St Louis. Three adult males bit, one a clergyman. When each arrived for a meeting he was arrested. It was a sting and they all got a lot of time in jail. G'ma.

  2. Wow! I've heard of that happening in chat rooms, but not on Craigslist! Every time I go to check something out from an ad, i try to go with someone. And if I can't, I let someone know when I arrive and when I leave...just to be safe.=)