28 July 2010

Craigslist Crack-Ups: Part 1

For those who are not privy to the craigslist phenomenon, it's truly a wonderful thing. Started right here in the Bay Area in 1995 and since expanding to over 700 cities worldwide, craigslist is the ultimate online garage sale. People can post their trash and their treasures online for free in hopes of finding a home, making some cash, or just getting rid of some of their junk.  And while I use craigslist myself for personal shopping, it also provides me with hours of entertainment.  Check out some of the most recent craigslist posts:

broken concrete "clean"  free broken concrete peices for you come and take one and all i dont care no emails just come and get it
  • Alright, now I'm sure there are plenty of good uses for broken concrete. I just can't think of any right now. And apparently the fact that the concrete is clean is REALLY important, too. I mean, did this guy miss the third grade punctuation test or something? he needs to retake the third grade really "bad" maybe he was too busy giving away clean concrete to pay attention in class.

YOU take it to the recycle place I am remodeling my house. I've tried to save what I can from the landfill but just don't have the energy to take it to the recycle place. I have various scrap metals and two window panels from the sliding glass door I replaced. If you want it, please come get it, but please take it all.
  • Only in the Bay Area would this fly. Getting someone else to do your dirty recycling. Within an hour I bet he had all sorts of Go-Greeners begging to help him recycle. Seriously, if you have the energy to remodel your house, you can take your own trash to the recycle center.

Free horse manure (Sebastopol) FREE Horse manure. We can load. Please call to set-up a pick-up time. We would appreciate a little money for the cost of diesel for the tractor but not requied. By appoitment ONLY!!
Free Wool Free wool from 7 just shorn sheep - great for crafts; spinning or what have you! Just call to make arrangements to pick it up in S. Sebastopol.
  • I think someone needs help cleaning up their farm.

Free Wood from Closet - damaged Our Closet fell down and broke. Have the wood if you need it. You will need to pcik it up.
  • What the....

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