24 July 2010

The Apple Revolution

I have always been an advocate for Apple products, even during pre-iMac days when everything was PC. For me, it has always been Apple all the way. So you'd think now that we live near Apple headquarters my loyalties would have taken off. Well, let's just say I've been going through a technology dry spell, and my hiatus from the I-world became all too apparent last week.

A friend in Singapore asked if we could pick up his new iPad and send it to him (it won't be available there for another couple of months). Upon its arrival, I made my first trip to an Apple Store since returning home from Singapore myself. Among the counters of curious consumers playing with MacBooks and iPods, I began to scan the store for the sales counter...hmmm. Nowhere to be found.

So I head to the only logical place, the Genius Bar, where other consumers had formed a line. This must be the counter where I pick up the iPad, I thought to myself. But as I stood in line, I noticed everyone in front of me had used products in hand...hmmm. No new products being handed out here.

Finally I stop a pleasant fellow in a blue Apple T-shirt, tight jeans, red espadrilles, and wild curly brown hair that was a little too long. His look and his layed-back easy going attitude (as well as his dress) epitomized the Apple-tude.
"Can I help you?" he asked and I explained that I couldn't find the counter to pick up my iPad. He led me to one of the display computers, asked for my e-mail address, clicked a couple of buttons and said he'd meet me back there in 3 minutes. OK? So where do I check out, I wondered, but I didn't say anything.

Three minutes later he arrives with iPad in hand. I hadn't paid for it yet so I asked where I could process my order. Right here, he said...we were standing in the middle of the Apple Store, no cashiers to be seen. I trusted he knew what he was doing so I handed him my credit card. At that point he grabbed what I think was his iPhone, swiped my card down the side, then asked me to sign on his iPhone screen. Viola! Transacation complete.

Seriously, I feel a bit un-California to be surprised by this.

***Thank you Apple for letting me "borrow" your logo image.

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