11 February 2010

To the Texan Traveler

For those who call Lone Star State home and are willing to make the trek to SF, here are some words of wisdom:
  • Close your eyes when your plane comes in for landing. Seriously, you'll think you are landing right in the ocean!
  • If you can't find pasta or chips in the shape of California, it's not a mistake. Let's face it; not everyone loves their state THAT much.
  • Don't send back Zinfandel wine that comes out red. It's suppose to be that way; after all, Zinfandel grapes are red not pink!
  • Yes, people actually ride buses, cable cars, and trains here; and yes, people actually walk up those hills!
  • Get used to the navigation terms "Hill Side" and "Bay Side"; they are more helpful than you will ever know.
  • Good luck finding Taco Cabana out here; it's In-N-Out Burger all the way!
  • But if you do need a Mexican fix, head to the Mission – the district most influential in introducing Mexican food to Americans. And while many a Californian may claim Mission Tortilla's origins there, you may be surprised by this: